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Packaging Converting is a manufacturer of foam and bubble products.
Our specialty is large size products that few can make.

Our foam product line-up includes foam pouchesinsulated pouchesinsulated box linersfoil insulation rollspallet/drum covers, and large padded envelopes.

Our bubble product line-up includes bubble pouchesinsulated bubble pouchesinsulated box liners,bubble rollsfoil insulation rollspallet/drum covers, and large padded envelopes.

We provide custom design work for customers who require large enough volumes that permit working directly with the manufacturer.

The specialized options we offer on our products sets us apart from a field that offers generic stock items.

  • Food Shippers
  • Food Delivery
  • Food Catering
  • Pet Product Shippers
  • Pharmaceutical Shippers
  • Cold Chain Shipping
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Insulation
  • Manufacturers
  • Injection Molders / Finishers
  • Industrial Goods
  • Moving & Storage
  • Air & Ground Logistics
  • Perishable Freight Forwarding Distributors


Our pouches are ideal for protecting your products during transit or while in storage. They are lightweight to keep shipping costs down.

LEARN MORE  Foam Pouches   Bubble Pouches

Custom Foam Pouches

Insulated Pouches

Insulated Pouches combine either protective foam or protective bubble with heat reflecting technology for temperature controlled shipping and storage (hot or cold).

LEARN MORE  Insulated Foam Pouches

                         Insulated Bubble Pouches

Custom Insulated Bags

Insulated Box Liners

Our Box Liners fit easily into your box to create great insulation and protection for shipping perishable items.

LEARN MORE  Insulated Foam Box Liners

                         Insulated Bubble Box Liners

Insulated Box liner

Pallet Covers

Our Pallet Covers are perfect for cold chain and everyday shipping.They are equipped with heavy duty seals, are waterproof and reusable.

LEARN MORE  Foam Pallet Covers

                         Bubble Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers

Large Padded Envelopes

Our padded envelopes are made up of 2 materials:either foam or bubble on the inside and kraft paper on the outside. These 2 materials laminated together form an exceptionally durable protective envelope.

LEARN MORE  Foam Padded Envelopes

                        Bubble Padded Envelopes

padded envelopes

Insulated Coolers

These are a great alternative to Styrofoam coolers. Our Insulated Coolers are custom made to meet the dimensions of your box. They are a liner made of polystyrene covered with metalized polyester.


insulated cooler for lining a box
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