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10 Products That Need Foam Protection

Below is our list of products that should really use a custom foam packaging solution to protect them when they are shipped.

Some things to consider for protecting products are:

Can the weight of the product damage other products in the same package?

Does your product have sharp edges that could tear your break your box?

Will it withstand changes in air pressure, temperature or humidity?

Is the package going to be going on an airplane, or stored in an environment that is not climate controlled, and will effect your product?


1. Food Products
Food products are often the most perishable and most easily damaged in transport. Having a good foam pouch or a insulated foam box liner can save you peace of mind.

2. Glass
We consider this the 2nd most fragile product you can ship. Glass is so easily damaged from impact or shock. This is why you should consider a custom foam pouch that fits your product perfectly.

3. Electronics
Many electronics are quite fragile and often need that extra foam protection to keep them in perfect condition on arrival. Also delivery of electronics often needs ant-static foam packaging to protect from electrostatic effects during shipping.

4. Lighting
Depending on the lighting from bulbs and fixtures to lamps and chandeliers, you will find in most cases you will require custom foam to protect the metal parts from the glass.

5. Art
When it comes to shipping your most valuable pieces of art, you will want the high quality that comes with custom foam packaging. Protect with love to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

6. Ceramic
Fine chips, cracks and shattering of your ceramic products during shipping can be devastating. This is where custom foam packaging to surround and protect your ceramic products will make shipping them worry free.

7. Fragile Hard Plastic
Plastic that has been formed to be hard can also be fragile. It is great to have custom foam packaging buffering this type of plastic from taking damage during shipping. This is especially important for injection molders.

8. Medical Supplies
Many medical supplies not only need to be protected from movement during shipping, but also need to hold their temperatures. An insulated foam pouch can do the trick. Also if you are shipping implements that have sharp edges, you may need to have the pouch lined with high density film.

9. Appliances
Protect these products from getting scratched or dented during shipment. It is easy to have large foam paper foam pouches made to the size of stoves or dishwashers.

10. Specialty Items
There are many products that don’t fit into any of the above categories, yet are easily damaged during shipping. If you think there is a chance of them being damaged, please contact Foam Converting and get a quote on a custom foam packaging solution that is right for your product.

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