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Celebrating 30 Years In The Foam Packaging Business

Packaging Converting

Packaging Converting, formerly known as Package Depot/Foam Converting, is a manufacturer of foam and bubble packaging products.

Package Depot was formed in 1985 by a father-son duo, Cliff and Steve Smith. The company started out by supplying a variety of foam packaging supplies to local businesses.

As the company grew and new product ideas and patents emerged, new machinery did also. This led to the creation of Foam Converting, which provided a wider range of packaging solutions for multiple industries nation wide.

Since its humble beginnings, Package Depot has grown into a multi-million dollar company and is proud to be the largest producer of foam pouches in the United States. The company sells millions of foam pouches every year. Over 250 million foam pouches have been sold during its history to date.

Package Depot has been awarded 3 patents for its innovative foam packaging solutions, which are proudly displayed in our reception area.

We pride ourselves in our ability to produce custom foam packaging solutions for individual needs. We take great strides to provide the best customer service, and we are continually working to advance our business.

We believe in supporting local businesses. We source all of our materials from companies within the United States.

We are glad you took an interest in our company. We hope to hear from you soon!

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