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Pallet Covers

Tear & Puncture Resistant Pallet Covers

Our Pallet Covers Are Highly Effective At Protecting & Maintaining Temperature For Your Products

Our pallet covers can be used to not only protect your products, but also to guard  temperature sensitive items during transit. They are designed to keep your products from experiencing drastic spikes in temperature, and are water, tear, and puncture resistant. These pallet covers are made with a 1/2″ heavy-duty seal to provide strength and durability. High density film can be applied to enhance the pallet cover’s strength. With proper care, they can even be reused. Our in-house proprietary machines allow us to make your custom pallet covers quickly.

Pallet Cover 01Pallet Cover 02

  • Reflective barrier insulation outside – insulates against the outside temperatures.
  • Foam insulation inside – foam has millions of tiny air pockets that insulate very well.
  • Superior protection – perfect for perishables and temperature sensitive items in transit.
  • Reusable – with proper handling.
  • Water resistant – keep your items protected from moisture and water.
  • Standard & custom sizes – fits standard 40″x48″x48″ or can be made for irregular sizes.

Pallet Covers Made To Your Specifications

pallet covers dimensions or specifications

Heavy-Duty 1/2″ Seals

Heavy Duty 1/2" Seal for pallet covers

  • 1/2″ heavy-duty seals add strength.

More Options With Pallet Covers

High Density Film

pallet cover with high density film available

  • Can be made with high density film laminated to foam.
  • This adds extra strength and protection.


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