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construction foam sheets

Foam Sheets

Foam Converting produces many different products, including foam sheets. Our foam sheets have metalized polyester laminated to foam. The two materials laminated together create a strong and durable reflective barrier. These sheets have various practical applications in the construction industry, like insulation for pole barns or underlayment for concrete.

Pole Barn Foam Sheet Insulation

When using foam insulation for your pole barn instead of spray foam, you will reduce your clean-up and the foam can be reused if taken down properly. As a result, this will save you time and money. Additionally, the health concerns accompanied by breathing spray foam is diminished.

However, if you choose to use spray foam, make sure to shop around. Many spray foams can start fires, even with their fire retardant chemicals.

Concrete Foam Sheet Underlayment

Considering all concrete has an inherent moisture content, a vapor barrier is required in order to install anything over it. This is where our foam underlayment comes into play. These foam sheets can be applied in the form of a 2mm to 6mm thick poly sheet layer over the concrete.

Discover more details about our foam sheet rolls and contact our knowledgeable staff for more information.

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