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Custom Packaging for Food & Beverage Industries

Insulated Box Liner for Food and Beverage      Insulated Foam Pouch 02 with food

At Foam Converting, we make a number of products to aid in the food and beverage industry’s shipping requirements. Our insulated pouches are used to maintain the integrity of your products as well as cut shipping costs. Companies have used insulated pouches to ship anything from fresh food to fresh tea.

Shipping products through the mail often requires custom packaging for protection. There are all sorts of box inserts to help with this, but they often cost more than necessary. These inserts frequently do not fit your products correctly, and they more than likely cannot provide the proper insulation to maintain an accurate temperature. We, however, can help you create a foam pouch that fits your product’s specifications.

Our foil insulation barrier can provide perfect temperatures for you products during shipping. The sizes range anywhere from a small 12×12 pouch to sizes that will cover a pallet.

Our custom pouches are manufactured to be flexible. This makes it possible for them to be used as a liner, with or without foil. We can design a foam pouch to closely match the interior dimensions of an industrial container. When the pouch is form fitted to the container, there are no gussets, fold, or pleats that can potentially trap or hinder the flow of materials into or out of the container.

In turn, using custom pouches may reduce product loss, down time, labor, and waste disposal costs. A form fitted liner can also improve efficiency, productivity, and space utilization.

Call us at 1-800-214-7115 and let our knowledgeable staff help you with the technical aspects of developing the perfect custom packaging solution that is right for you.

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