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Insulated Bags

Insulated Bags for Shipping


Insulated bags for shipping are a type of packaging container used to ship temperature sensitive products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. They are used as part of a “cold chain” (an series of shipment and storage activities where a desired temperature range is maintained) to help maintain product freshness and efficacy.

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These bags are made of 2 materials: foam on the inside and “foil” on the outside.

Foam by itself is a great insulator. It traps in millions upon millions of tiny air pockets that do the insulating. This is similar to bubble wrap, which also traps air pockets, except foam does not have the “airless” and “insulationless” spaces over its surface like bubble wrap does.

The shiny exterior is called metalized polyester, aka “foil”. Foil is what’s known as a radiant barrier, or reflective barrier. You’ve probably seen windshield shades used in cars during the summer. The side of these shades that face the outside have a shiny, reflective foil on them, and the inner side is made of foam or a foam-like material. The outer foil reflects the sun’s rays away to prevent them from entering the car and heating the inside up. The foam insulates against the hot air outside. Together the “foam foil” combine to be a great insulator – and maybe you’ve gotten into a car with a windshield shade on a hot summer day and appreciated that it’s not so hot, or even cool inside the car. Our insulated bags work on the same principle.

insulated bags

We custom make insulated bags for shipping to our customer’s specifications. The most common request is that we make these bags to custom fit into customer’s different sized shipping containers, which is most often a cardboard shipping box. Our customer’s also have unique requests like fitting our insulated bags into fashionable leather carrying bags for cooling beverages. The insulated bags are often used in conjunction with a refrigerant or coolant such as dry ice and gel packs.

Note that our insulated bags can also be used to keep items warm.

Our insulated bags are made with recycled materials, and are reusable.

For more information on our insulated bags, or to see if we can make a customized shipping and insulation solution for your needs, please call us at 800-214-7115 or visit our insulated bags page.



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