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Insulated Cooler

Insulated Coolers

We Manufacture Insulated Coolers That Are Highly Effective At Protecting & Maintaining Temperature For Your Products

Our Insulated Coolers are great at keeping your temperature sensitive items warm or cool. Our coolers are custom made to fit the dimensions of your box. The Insulated Coolers are made of metalized polyester laminated to bubble. Inside of the bubble are styrene sheets that help provide the insulation you need. Multiple styrene sheets can be added to provide a thicker barrier for extra insulation.

bubble laminated with metalized polyester over polystyrene- Insulated Cooler

  • Reflective barrier insulation outside – insulates against the outside temperatures
  • Superior protection – perfect for perishables and temperature sensitive items in transit
  • Reusable – with proper handling
  • Water resistant – keep your items protected from moisture and water

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