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Insulated Shipping Boxes

Our Insulated Box Liners + Your Shipping Box = Excellent Insulated Shipping Boxes


Maintaining a proper temperature range when shipping temperature sensitive products is extremely important. Shipping a large amount of product using certain shipping methods could potentially expose your products to harmful temperatures that could damage or impede their function and quality. The solution to ensure that the temperature remains within the desired tolerance by using insulated box liners or insulated shipping boxes.

insulated shipping boxesFoam Converting by Package Depot, Inc. makes custom sized insulated box liners that can service your company’s needs for shipping temperature sensitive product. Our liners placed inside your box combine to make up “insulated shipping boxes“. With this combination you can keep your items warm or cool throughout the shipping process.

We have worked with a variety of different industries from chocolatiers to grocery chains and even medical testing labs. We understand the importance of keeping products at their desired temperature during the shipping process. Using our insulated box liners (combined with your box to form insulated shipping boxes), as well as a refrigerant such as gel packs or dry ice, is one of the best ways to ensure products are kept within the desired temperature range.

To create custom sized insulated shipping boxes, we simply need the dimensions of your shipping box/container, or the dimensions you would like our insulated box liners to fit into. From there, we determine and make the right insulated box liner size for your box.

Our insulated box liners feature a reflective, or radiant, barrier on the outside. It works by reflecting away heat that is carried on waves (i.e. light, sun rays, etc.). On the inside of the reflective barrier, you’ll find foam. The two materials are laminated together. Foam contains millions of tiny air pockets that work to insulate your product at its desired temperature. These materials work together to form an excellent insulator.

Overall these products are extremely lightweight, thin and flexible, meaning that they can save you money in storage costs, as well as allow you to enjoy reduced shipping costs. Our insulated box liners are far less bulky than some other shipping options for temperature control. They offer superior protection for perishables or other items that are sensitive to temperature. For more information on insulated shipping boxes, call us at 800-241-7115 or visit our insulated box liners page.



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