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Large Padded Envelopes

A Full Range of Padded Envelopes Available

Bubble Padded Envelopes

Our padded envelopes are made up of 2 materials: bubble on the inside and a kraft paper on the outside. These 2 materials laminated together form a highly effective protective envelope. The dimensions and thickness are customizable, giving you the flexibility to create the right product for your needs. For those heavy-duty items, additional Third Web Bubble may be added to any bubble size to provide thickness, tear resistance, and puncture resistance for extra strength and durability. We specialize in large sizes, which are great for shipping books, games, and artwork.

  • 60# Kraft Paper outside – adds an extra layer of protection to the internal bubble.
  • Bubble inside – provides superior protection and is perfect for items in transit or storage.
  • Custom made sizes – per the specifications you provide.
  • Lightweight – for reduced shipping costs.
  • Thin and flexible -taking little storage space in your warehouse.

Padded Bubble Envelopes Made To Your Specifications

Insulated Bubble Envelopes

  • Width and length made to your specifications.


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