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Do Your Products Need A Foam Pouch Fast?

Our Protective Foam Pouch Comes in Custom & Stock Sizes

At Foam Converting we have the foam pouch for your protective and shipping needs. We make them in custom and stock sizes, and have short manufacturing lead times (depending on the size of your order).

Our foam pouch protects your products from impact damage, marring, vibration and scratching during the shipping process, and while in storage. They are cost effective, clean, non abrasive, lightweight, reusable low density polyethylene foam. Our green pouches are 20% recycled.

foam pouches      Foam Foam Pouch      foam pouches

Our manufacturing technology utilizes state of the art bag making and laminating equipment that allows us to produce custom packaging solutions for the most challenging product applications. As a manufacturer, we offer quick lead times and low order minimums.

Our foam pouch comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The dimensions (length and width) can be customized to the size you desire. The foam thickness comes in 3/32″, 1/8″ or 1/4″, as you can see in the graphic below. We specialize in making large size pouches, and offer the best pricing on them.

foam pouches

For more information about our foam pouch, please call 1-8OO-214-7115 or email us. You may also want to visit our foam pouch page.

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